June 13th, 2020

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Congratulations to R.W.Bro. Bill Grattan of

Acacia No.11 who was Installed as District Deputy Grand Master of Lakeland District for the 2020-2021 Masonic year!  The Installation took place in Andrew Alberta at his home and to allow for proper social distancing, only a few Brothers were present, but a great time was had by all.

March 14th, 2020


After more than 15 year of service to the Craft and proven dedication and Brotherhood, the Brethren of Ye Olde Craft Lodge had the honour of having W.Bro. Robert Gavigan Installed in the Chair of King Solomon for the 2020/2021 Masonic year by Installing Master, W.Bro. Dave Simpson. We are looking froward to a great year of Freemasonry under his guidance.  Congratulations to W.Bro. Gavigan and all his officers in their new positions!!

A special thanks and congratulations, from all the members of the Lodge, also goes out to W.Bro. Kriss Aiton for your dedicated service to the Lodge, in fulfilling your duties  as Worshipful Master of Ye Olde Craft Lodge in exemplary fashion for the past three years!  (2017-2020)  The organizational skills and unshakable commitment you showed during this time have been of immeasurable value to the Lodge!  Now, enjoy your time as Immediate Past Master!!

Installation - March 14 2020
Installation - March 14 2020

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Installation - March 14 2020
Installation - March 14 2020

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I.P.M.'s Message

Greetings, and welcome to our Official Lodge Website.  Please feel free to take a look around.  Our Website has a lot of information for both Masons, and non-Masons who are interested in our beloved Fraternity.  Freemasonry is a way of life.  I became a member when I was 34 years old.  My Grandfather was a Mason (and Past Master of his Lodge) -  as well as many of my relatives.  When my Grandfather passed away in 1989, I was given his Masonic ring.  I was always curious about what it was all about.  It took me many years until I decided to look into it further.  Once I did, I found a Lodge in which I wanted to become a member.  I am so glad that I finally made that decision to do so.  I have met many like minded men in the Fraternity.  I strongly recommend becoming a Mason for those who believe in God, have strict morals and just being a good overall man in his everyday life.  Freemasonry gives you the tools to help you become an even better man.  If you are interested, it's just as simple as sending us a message.  We will make arrangements to meet with you.


I hope to hear from you soon.

W.Bro. Kriss Aiton

Freemasonry is...

Kindness in the home, Honesty in business,

Courtesy in society, Fairness in work,

Resistance toward the wicked,

Pity and concern for the unfortunate,

Help for the weak, Trust in the strong,

Forgiveness for the penitent,

And, above all,

Love for one another and reverence and love for God.

Freemasonry is a way of life

For more information about joining Freemasonry

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Our Aim

     Freemasonry is a way of life and is composed of people of all nationalities, religions, occupations and ages.

     Freemasons believe in truth, tolerance, respect, and freedom. Anyone may petition to be a Mason so long as they meet a few requirements.

Freemasons believe in “making good men better” which implies that its adherents should seek continual improvement and growth.

     A maxim in ancient Greece, “Man Know Thyself”, has echoes in modern ceremonial Freemasonry and implies the importance of learning about self, for by becoming a more enlightened and principled individual it is most probable that a person will in turn be a contributing citizen to their society.

     It is important that a Mason be a good family member, friend, neighbor and employee. Freemasons believe in living a life of positive contribution and to the building up of self, society and the world.

     Masonry is not a substitute for a person's chosen faith but rather supplements faith, spirituality, life and living.

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